About Trading Plan


.We provide 1-2 signals per day.
We have decided to add "Trailing Stop" to our signals so that client can enjoy more profit on his/her per order.
How to manage orders: For Example:
BUY EUR/USD @ 1.3500
TP: 50 pips TS: 15 pips SL: 30 pips
After receiving signal, you should set "TP","SL" and "TS" according to the signal.
So, we have specified Signals' "Close Order" price. KEYWORDS SL = STOP LOSS TP = TAKE PROFIT TS = TRAILING STOP "Trailing Stop" means, if you set TS to +15, it will automatically lifted your "SL" to entry point while your order hits +15pips.
After this, for each +1 pips it will increase your "SL" to +1pips from your entry point and it will continue so on.
For Example: If you are in +17 pips and you set your "TS" to 15 pips, your "SL" will automatically change +2 pips ( 17 - 15 = 2) from your entry point.
For example:
Currency : GBP/USD Type : SELL Entry Point : 1.6053 Stoploss : 1.6083 TS : +20 TP : +70
You should open trade
GBPUSD ; SELL @1.6053 ; SL: 1.6083 : TP : 1.5983 ; TS : +20 Points.
If the price then moved down to 1.6033 ( 20points TS ), the trailing stop (SL) would move to 1.6053 (Entry Point).
If the price continued down to 1.6023, the trailing stop (SL) would move to 1.6043 .
If the price continued down to 1.6013, the trailing stop (SL) would move to 1.6033.
How to set up "TRAILING STOP": After opening order, rightclick to the order and set "Trailing Stop" for MT4 :15 points , MT5: 150 points Our performance is suitable for TS pips.
About Membership If we don't provide signal it means there is much news "Importance: High" or we don't see a signal in the market. If we don't provide signal during 1 day, then +1 day is added into the balance of the member. Generally we send signals between 06:00 – 17:00 ( GMT)



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